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Mosby's Oncology Nursing Advisor 2e: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Practice for All Types of Cancer and Symptoms

this new edition is enhanced with a new chapter on the emerging issue of quality of life and end of life care, which emphasizes the importance of evaluating nursing care along with the patient's quality of life. within this chapter, the authors clearly define the term quality of life to include the patient's perspective of cancer survival and life expectancy.

Mosbys Oncology Nursing Advisor A Comprehensive Guide To Clinical Practice 2e Free Download

the book is organized in a logical format that allows readers to focus on the specific parts of their practice that need the most attention. the first three parts of the book present background information, nursing practice, and advanced care nursing. the book offers an in-depth discussion of cancer-related conditions and symptoms as nursing diagnoses and includes a nursing algorithm that describes interventions and outcomes. nursing diagnosis and its related interventions are discussed in four sections: symptoms and signs, health system factors, functions, and interventions.

mosby's oncology nursing advisor is an authoritative reference that provides the foundation you need to provide quality oncology care. this book introduces students to the basic oncology nursing practice concepts such as the role of the oncology nurse, how oncology nursing relates to other nursing specialties, and how to use specific nursing interventions to effectively meet the needs of cancer patients.

this book is the perfect oncology nursing textbook for beginning and advanced level students as well as practicing nurses and other health care professionals who are interested in learning more about providing quality care for cancer patients.


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