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Caleb Myers

Frane: Dragons' Odyssey Activation Code [key] ((LINK))

my e-mail is [edit: email address removed]I purchased 7 games from origin in one order ( order #: 1003597065756 ) and requested refund in 3 games of themassassin's creed odyssey ultimate editionTitanfall 2: ultimate editionassassin's creed syndicate season passassassin's creed origins gold edition /refundedTitanfall deluxe edition /refundedwatch_dogsdragon age : origins-ultimate edition /refundedI connected my origin account to Ubisoft account and they worked just fine for around a week .now all the games in this ( order #: 1003597065756 ) are not working as if I have refunded them allwhenever I browse to even Titanfall 2: ultimate edition on origin I get nothing but ( buy now)I have tried everything starting from removing origin client the easy and the hard way to calling live supportwho couldn't help me so far , aside from their survey e-mails for more than a week .by the way I didn't get the activation code for any of those games neither in the confirmation e-mailnor in my origin account even when live support resent me the confirmation e-mail there was no activation codes

Frane: Dragons' Odyssey Activation Code [key]


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