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Where To Buy Bus Tickets [PATCHED]

Before boarding the bus, riders must pay their fares on the sidewalk at a Select Bus Service station stop using a MetroCard or coin machine, where they will receive a receipt as proof of payment. When the bus comes, riders can enter or exit through any of the bus's doors, holding on to their receipt which may be requested at random as proof of payment by MTA inspectors (riders without a receipt will be subject to a $100 fare evasion summons).

where to buy bus tickets

Insert your MetroCard or bus transfer into the MetroCard fare machine associated with the route you are transferring to. You will be issued a new Select Bus Service ticket as proof of payment, which you should hold on to throughout your ride. Please note that the ticket from the first route will not be valid on the second as tickets are specific to each SBS route.

Bus ticket prices vary by route and carrier, but the average price of a bus ticket on popular routes tends to be between $20 and $50. Of course, tickets can be much cheaper or much more expensive in certain cases.

You have a few options when it comes to purchasing bus tickets. Some traditional bus companies, such as New York Trailways and Peter Pan Bus Lines, sell tickets at bus stations. Others, like GoBuses, almost exclusively sell tickets online.

The best way to buy bus tickets is by booking them online with a search comparison site like Wanderu. The advantage of doing so is that you can see all fares from different bus companies at once, making it easy to compare the available options side-by-side.

You may pre-purchase tickets for future use and activate as you ride or purchase a ticket on the day of travel. Pre-purchased tickets expire 45 days after purchase even if not activated for use. 10-Ride Ticket Pack passes expire 120 days after purchase even if not activated for use.

You must activate your ticket before boarding a bus or train. Bus operators and fare inspectors will require an activated ticket. Please note: tickets will expire at 2:59 a.m. on the day after activation.

No, but we recommend that you do for your convenience and protection. If you create customer account and your mobile device is lost, stolen, or replaced, your balance and any unused, unexpired tickets will be available when logging into your account on the new device.

Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or Wi-Fi services to be displayed. You do need connectivity to purchase a ticket, which must be done before boarding. If you lose cell phone service after purchasing a ticket, you will still be able to activate and display the ticket from the ticket wallet.

Yes, you can buy up to 10 mobile tickets per ticket type in a single purchase, with a maximum of 20 tickets per ticket type in a day. You can still use your MyRide barcode to pay for your fare, but others will have to use mobile tickets that are purchased separately, and fare capping will not apply to those tickets. You must activate a ticket for each passenger before boarding an RTD vehicle. Be aware that activating a large number of tickets may slow down the app.

CommuterDirect ticket agents - accepts all major credit and debit cards and Commuter Choice Maryland vouchers. Click here for a list of CommuterDirect locations. Effective December 1, 2020, MARC Train tickets are no longer sold by Amtrak ticket agents.

On board the train or bus from the Conductor or driver. Only one way tickets are sold on board and with cash only, no bills larger than $20 are accepted. On MARC Train, there is a $5 surcharge to the fare if you board at a station with either a ticket machine or ticket agent.

You can add different types of passes onto your Tcard. The first type of passes are length-based passes, ranging from 1 Day to an unlimited number of days, that entitle you to an unlimited rides anywhere in the TCAT system for the duration of your pass, counting from the first day that the pass is used. The second type are ride-based passes. These passes never expire, but entitle you to only the specified number of rides you purchase. Please note that a one-way trip counts as one ride used. Thus, a roundtrip ride would cost two rides. If you are a frequent rider, we suggest you purchase either type of pass because the cost per ride with a pass is cheaper. Generally, the longer the duration of your pass or the more trips purchased, the cheaper the cost per ride becomes.

Riders 65+ or riders with a disability can qualify for a reduced rate with a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP). An RRFP is given to you on an ORCA card. When applying for an RRFP, be sure to bring proof of age (65+), or proof of a qualifying condition or Medicare card. The permit is free, a replacement will cost $3. Learn if you qualify for reduced fares and where to get an RRFP

Sound Transit does not have a regional bus ticket program. Retail bus tickets sold by Community Transit are valid only on the ST Express routes operated by Community Transit (510, 512, 513, 532, 535). King County Metro Bus (KCM) tickets are valid only on ST Express Routes operated by KCM. (522, 542, 545, 550, 554). Neither are valid on Sounder trains or Link light rail.

Welcome to our mail order store! All orders will be shipped via USPS. Electronic tickets for fixed-route and A-Ride are available through our mobile ticketing platform. Purchase directly from or the app. No refunds are provided on purchased fares. If you have any questions about passes or your order, please call us at 734-973-6500.

You are able to purchase and use bus tickets or passes on your smartphones or other mobile devices quickly and conveniently by downloading the Token Transit App in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). This app eliminates the need to wait in line for passes or have exact change for the bus, so you can get to the places you can go faster on "The S" - Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA).

Download the MyJTA App on your smart phone for purchasing single-ride fares, as well as one-day and multi-day bus passes. Save money when you use the app, with discounts available on bus passes and Ferry tickets.

Exact fare is required when you board the vehicle. Drivers do not make change. JTA also sells Connexion ticket books with 10 tickets, each good for a one-way ride. The easiest way to ride is to pay your fare through the MyJTA app and leave the cash at home!

**Youth Passes are available for riders age 18 years and under (photo ID may be required for proof of age). Some routes require additional tickets or cash. Save with the purchase of a 31-Day Youth Pass on your STAR Card.

Ticket Vending Machines are located in all Metro Rail stations, Metropolitan Transportation Center, Portage Road Transportation Center and Niagara Falls Transportation Center. These machines accept U.S. coins, $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills. For Metro Rail you may purchase a round trip ticket or a one-way ticket. Please note, one-way tickets are only valid in one direction and for one hour after purchase.

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