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Download Lagu Birthday by Red Velvet - Free MP3 Download

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Sound Around, Peter, Paul and Harry, The Party Inside, Touch the ground if you're in the mood, Meditation #1, Life on Repeat, Human Condition, I don't know what to do, and 38 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $48 USD or more (20% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. I'm All Alone 01:30 lyrics buy track I'm all aloneI'm all aloneMy heart is like an unringing telephone.My blood is blue until it hits the air.That's all I need to supersede my hearts despair. I need to breath and to listen to the birds.Sing a lullaby.OoohOooh........ 2. Show Me Your Love 03:04 lyrics buy track I'll fall in loveWhen I wake up from falling downAll of my dreams are wildI'll stand upWhen I can see your hands reaching out.I will stand up for you.Up for you.Show me your love,All of your dreams are also mine.Show me your love,All of your dreams are also mine. 3. Perfect Timing 03:16 lyrics buy track Perfect TimingPerfect TimingWhen I Think Of YouHow our love is trueDoes feeling last all day?Oooh Eternal FlameAhhh My heart is yours.Perfect Timing Oh ohPerfect Timing Oh oh onYou embrace me throughYou're my baby I love youOoooh Eternal FlameAhhh My heart is yours. 4. Party Favor 02:02 lyrics buy track Sit down on the bridgeIt's time to make a fake phone callTo the girl that's sitting right hereIt's my birthday, when's your birthday?It's her first day in the countryDo you wanna learn how to play the trumpet?Could you use a strong cup of coffeeCould you use a strong cup of coffee, coffee, coffeeThis is a party I want you to be atYou are a party favor, You give the party flavorYou are a party favor.Oh oh oh oh....... 5. We Can Get Crazy 02:08 info buy track 6. Dear Diary 01:36 lyrics buy track Dear Diary,Today I'm gonna make a changeSo many things I want to doToo many things that feel impossibleI hope I can make it happenI'm thinking a lot about itAnd it's very hard to make changeIf I just listen to the will and the knowledgeThat seems to be so instinctualYou can make it through to the other sidePack my bag and get out of hereMaybe I'll stay for a few more days.Maybe I'll stay. 7. The Science Of Love 01:41 lyrics buy track The science of love has left me standing here in the headlights.Waiting here hallucinating, Red velvet carpet leads me to you. 8. Turning Money Into Love 03:36 lyrics buy track Working for my drug addictionLearning from my trash afflictionTurning Money Into LoveTurning tables in my directionObsessions with the 5th dimensionI could write a book about the universeTurning Money Into LoveTurning my live into a dream worldDiamonds in my heartKaleidoscope of open seasIt light that feed the seed of my needsTurning Money Into LoveTurning Money Into LoveI think I hear a rainbowI think I hear the moonlightThe ice is gonna freeze youUnless you learn a magic trickTurning money Into Love 9. Our Universe 01:49 info buy track 10. Have I seen you on the internet? 03:00 lyrics buy track Your face is familiarHave I seen you on the internetEven with make upThose are features I can't forgetMy photographic memoryRemembers you through electricitySlow down the communicatoBe hereRight nowLet's talk face to faceI thought that I knew youLet's face it you were hard to forgetWhen all of my senses became dullI never knew your soul in front of meBe hereRight nowLet's talk face to faceBe hereRight nowLet's talk face to faceCan you smell the rosesCan you smell the rosesCan you smell the rosesCan you smell the roses 11. Change of Heart 03:15 lyrics buy track I'm feeling every emotionI'm feeling every emotionat this momentI'm feeling every emotionI'm feeling every emotionat this momenthappiness, sadness, anger and joyEveryday I want to runaway From the feelings I call addictionThat's not fair to the words we shareThey all relate to loveChange the meaning.Change the meaningIt's so easyChange of HeartChange of HeartChange of HeartChange of Heart 12. Radio Heart 03:49 lyrics buy track Translation say politeness and wilting wayfairClairvoyant eyes shifting gears on soap box triesGrab a bubble of my lightTake my eyes and walk insightMy heart is a radioHeart is a radioMy heart is a radioSecret power songs play softly in the night.Secret power songs are all rightI did if for your heart. I did it for your heart. 13. We are all family 02:41 lyrics buy track We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family.We are all family. 14. Beautiful Days 02:38 buy track 15. I Got You-oo-oo-oo 01:10 lyrics buy track I got you-oo-oounder my skinI had everything that make the world amazingTill I wandered to the dark side It won't let me go.I got you-oo-oo under my skin.And the memories of the angelWhy did they let me goI though I was guided by your magic forceSomebody invisible standing next to me protecting meFrom the things I can't seeRight next to me protecting me from the things that I can't seeRight next to me protecting me. 16. Animal Party 01:48 info buy track 17. Cry Baby 01:45 info buy track about Calling the foreign ear to the music, let music be a siren. The song is the clothing, let the ear become the eye. These voices brings their joyous noises to outfits modeled in streets or minds. New york city being copious for talent makes it easy to draw our hearing into bars, streets or worlds of mouths. Hear the sizes of tailored suits which are shed for nudity so foreign. One singer. Waves crash on the heart. Doubled. Tripled shadows and reflections. Calling brass with a light and yearly slap back. Lips crash on the hands. -Captain Chachi Mulletino-Controversial Film Maker $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released May 8, 2012 Featuring the velvety tones of.............Sami Akbari-Voice (4)Tim Allen-Guitar (2,4,5,14,17)John Altieri-Sousaphone (15,16,17) Trumpet (16)Billy Aukstik-Trumpet (2,5, 17)Joe "Dad" Biondo-Bass (4,12)Stuart Bogie-Tenor Sax (8)Brian Bonz-Voice (8)Raylin Brooks-(10)Alecia Chakour-Voice (3)Camille Corazon-Voice (7,15)Mel Flannery-Voice (13,14)Alex Hamlin-Baritone Sax (5,7,13,17)Miwi La Lupa-Voice (2,13), Bass Trumpet (2,5,13,17)Rob Jost-Bass (3)Kevin Moehringer-Trombone (16)Grey McMurray-Voice (2,6), Guitar (3,4,6,10)Luke Riverside O'malley-Voice (12)Meah Pace-Voice (5)Aaron Rockers-Trumpet (8,11)Xenia Rubinos-Voices (9)Jared Samuel-Voice (1)Katie Spalding-Voice (11)Leron Thomas-Voice (10) Trumpet (10)Victor Axelrod (3) BeatEric Biondo- Keyboards/ Synthesizer (2-17) Live Drums (5, 10, 12, 17) Electronic Drums, Percussion, Distant bcgrd vox (2)Produced by Eric Biondo.All songs by Eric Biondo (except where noted)Mixed by Eric Biondo.All tracks Recorded by Eric Biondo except for Meah Pace Vocal and Leron Thomas Vocals which were done by Josh Valleau.Mastered by Hernan Santiago at La Sala Studios.Art design and consultation by Stef Syfert.Liner Note by Chachi Mulletino.Eternal thanks to every person that has been apart of this record. Plus more eternal thanks to Mom, Dad, Natalie, Gram, my Family, Davy Jones, Josh Sitron, Aviva Maloney, Gunnar Olsen, Superhuman Happiness, Johnny J Blair, David Robicheau, Rachel Stein, The Monkees, Carmen Intorre, Alex Toth, Jared Tankel, Alex Kadvan, Felipe Torres, Mike Chivaro, Bret Syfert, Stef Syfert, Cristina Fort, Ralph Alessi, Laurie Frink, Brad Maestas, Victor Axelrod, Jim Riccitelli, Paul Cox and everyone checking in on this music from around the world.This record is dedicated to Davy Jones. $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags funk r and b r&b soul acoustic bedroom pop classical classical crossover experimental pop hip hop soul pop Brooklyn Shopping cart subtotal USD taxes calculated at checkout Check out about Beyondo Brooklyn, New York

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