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WhatsApp Business: The Best App for Small Businesses - Download Link Inside

Small business owners have much to look forward to with WhatsApp's platform for business. Available for Android, the application is free to download. Offering you professional messaging tools, a company profile, and free international calls, communicating with your customer contacts is a breeze with WhatsApp Business.

From Webhooks: When a business account receives a media message, it downloads the media and uploads it to the Cloud API automatically. That event triggers the Webhooks and sends you a notification that includes the media ID.

link to download whatsapp business

Incoming messages may include text or media. The Body field contains the message text, and the MediaUrl0 field contains a link to the media file. You can learn how to download incoming media included in a message in the Receive and Download Images on Incoming MMS Messages tutorial. Supported media include images (JPG, JPEG, PNG), audio files, and PDF files, with a size limit of 16MB per message.

The folks at WABetaInfo have discovered from piecing together the Android, iOS, and desktop betas that WhatsApp is planning to offer the ability to create a custom vanity link for their accounts. Potential customers would tap on or otherwise access the link and be able to fire up a chat with the subscribed Business account. The URLs would follow the format, making them an ideal addition to your business's site contact page, especially if the primary website has a less-than-ideal domain name.

That's not to say that businesses couldn't already create links that redirected to their WhatsApp, but using the domain would signal to users that they can at least trust the platform the business is hosted on. Account managers will be able to change the custom name once every 90 days.

Link WhatsApp business is there to provide the customers with amazing features to excel in their business worldwide. This linking feature is very beneficial for the ones who have their business on a medium or large scale. WhatsApp business link helps you in connecting with other applications, and by just clicking on the link the customer and the other community can get the information regarding your business. Using this way the customers can contact you easily. WhatsApp business link will make your communication even more effective and there will be a proper channel by which you can connect to a wide range of customers worldwide. Link WhatsApp business to Instagram and Facebook and benefit your business and increase the level of productivity up to the mark.

Use can use impressive gifs or videos to inspire customers. Conventional methods of writing may eventually lead your customer to a boring stage. So make sure that your conversation is always engaging. Avoid usage of fancy and complex words. Use words that are common so that the customer may understand you properly. Share your WhatsApp business link and try these unique formats.

Always try to promote your business account number in different ways. For example, if you have different social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram, you must mention there your WhatsApp business link. The more you promote the more likely you sell your products quickly

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To use WhatsApp on a computer, go to WhatsApp Web, or download the desktop WhatsApp app and select your OS download link (you'll see a QR code). In the WhatsApp mobile app, go to Chats > More (three dots) > WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code. Close WhatsApp on your phone and use it from your computer.

It also offers Click-to-WhatsApp, whereby customers that click on certain ads, social media links, or even links within live chat, are directed straight to a two-way conversation with your business on WhatsApp. Statistics released by WhatsApp in 2020 suggest that WhatsApp Business is being used by more than 50 million businesses worldwide.

WhatsApp can be a great tool for businesses that wish to communicate with their customers, owing to the great features that WhatsApp Business offers. It must be noted that only up to four linked devices and one phone can use WhatsApp Business at any one time, or up to 10 devices with a premium plan. When it comes to managing and communicating with multiple customers through WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is generally only suited to the simplest of business use cases.

One of the strengths of WhatsApp for business is that it can work on multiple devices. Four devices and a mobile phone can link to the same account. However, this is only available when you open a designated business account.

Update:Thanks to u/humanzookeeping for giving me a heads up on this official download link to the standalone version from WhatsApp servers. I had no idea about that before. As I never use the whatsapp web browser version myself.Starting on April 4th 2023. As of WhatsApp version 2.2314.11, the app ".exe" file/app icon have been turned to grey, and it's listed as "WhatsApp (Outdated)"

WhatsApp for Business is an app that brands can use to create a business account on WhatsApp. With the account, you can include company information, website links, and a product catalog on your WhatsApp profile and gain insights on audiences that interact with you.

WhatsApp for Business, which has gained over 5 million users since its 2019 launch, also enables companies to build and share product catalogs, which highlight current offerings and can link to ecommerce sites. Once a business creates a catalog, its marketing team can share its link on the brand's profile or in chats with prospects. Here's a quick demo of how the catalog tool works:

With the advent of WhatsApp linking, users can now link their WhatsApp accounts to their PCs, which is very useful for most people. However, the web app only allows you to use one account on a desktop, which is not ideal for those who have multiple WhatsApp accounts. Fortunately, as with smartphones, there are some workarounds for using multiple Whatsapp accounts on desktop, which we will discuss in this article.


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