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Zomato Rider APK: How to Download and Earn Money with Food Delivery

Zomato Customer Care is not reachable on any contact number as of press. However, the Zomato complaints team is easily reachable on the Website and app support on chat and using the contact form. You can also email them at for a quick resolution.

A Zomato Helpline number is a number through which you can contact Zomato customer care executive to find answers to your general queries. Numbers from the brand are currently suspended. However, you can contact them through chat support or via email at

zomato rider apk

placed order and money deducted from my account. but app shows"incomplete payment " . That means I made payment & no food. money lost. contacted bank people to resolve my issue, because zomato has no responsibility, no proper customer service number nothing.

Become the pro member of this application to get the highest discount on the food you want to buy. Food will be delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is to get registered via any valid account and then enjoy the services of zomato.

Zomato Mod Apk is supposed to deliver food by zomato to your doorstep. So you can order your food right from sitting on the couch. It will be delivered to your doorstep safely. All you need to do is to get registered with the zomato application and order your food from the required restaurants.

Zomato does not compromise over the cleanliness and the services of hygienic food. The Zomato services will always first inspect the restaurant they will register before. After being satisfied with the hygiene condition of that restaurant they will allow them to get registered with the zomato application.

From international to local restaurants this application will provide special discounts to its users. If you order food directly from any restaurant and then you order it from zomato mobile application from the same restaurants there will be a huge difference between the prices.

You can be a pro member of this application. For being a pro member you have to pay some negotiable amount annually or monthly. After that, you can be a pro member of this service. For pro members, zomato offers huge discounts daily. Also, the pro member can take part in many lucky draws that zomato hosts.

Later, using the services of zomato you can leave a review for other users. Also, you can read the review of the other customers before placing your food order over this application for using zomato services.

Delivery partners, riders or executives. Their designations are different, the mission the same shouldering outsized backpacks crammed with everything from lipsticks to lamps, and maybe even laptops, as they zigzag through streets delivering necessities and festivities to our doorsteps.

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