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Terms & Conditions:17. Withdrawal From the PanelYou may at any point ask to leave the Panel and stop receiving emails, SMS, or phone messages from Ipsos, and the notice to leave the Panel shall be sent by email to support @ or requested in the Withdraw from KnowledgePanel section from My Profile on the Panel Member website. Your account will become inactive in the Panel database.


Depending on your mail-box security settings, the survey invitations you receive from us might be directed to your bulk / junk mail or similar folder. To avoid this, please add the address to your address book.

If you are a Panellist who registered via online process, you may do this either by sending an email to or by clicking on the appropriate link within your Panel account in the survey invitations or on the panel website/app.

The margin of error for the national survey is +/- 0.8 percentage points at the 95% level of confidence, including the design effect for the survey of 1.7. In addition to sampling error, surveys may also be subject to error or bias due to question wording, context, and order effects. Additional details about the KnowledgePanel can be found on the Ipsos website: -us/solution/knowledgepanel 041b061a72


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