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Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson

GTA 5 Patch Online V9 1 LINK Crack Online 42

Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:-Added:* Added 'Brickade Acid Lab', 'Eclipse Blvd Garage', 'Freakshop Brickade Garage' and 'Humane Labs Lab' online interiors.* Added an 'Acid Packet' weapon

GTA 5 Patch Online V9 1 Crack Online 42

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-import upstream proton changes-immortals: fenyx rising now playable (from my testing I did not have any cutscene audio skips or garbled output)-added launcher skip (again) for baldur's gate 3 -- runs vulkan version by default-added fix for gears 5 hang after hitting enter on logo screen-added fix for game drive option not being applied properly to elder scrolls online (fixes installation -- still need to hit space at black window)-added fix for witcher 3 -- no longer crashes on hairworks-updated protonfix for fall guys (does not need exe workaround -- thanks rokam)-update dxvk git-update vkd3d git-update wine to bleeding edge


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