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Mick Goodrick Voice Leading Almanac Pdf Download

Mick Goodrick has long been a hero and role model to me, and I've spent quite a bit of time working with his voice-leading material presented in the three volumes called Mr. Goodchord's Almanac of Guitar Voice-Leading for the Year 2001 and Beyond. I would go so far as to say that the material in these books changed my whole conception of music and the guitar. In the process of working with these concepts, I was slowly but surely able to wean myself from actually needing the books open on my music stand. As I was making that transition, I wrote a few notes that served as reminders for the different voice-leading cycles and chord types. I jokingly dubbed the result "Goodrick for Dummies." In the years since, I have shared my notes with interested students and fellow guitarists. One such guitarist, David Stern, was nice enough to clean up my document to make a more presentable version. While this version is still very much in shorthand form and may not mean much to anyone who doesn't already have at least a little experience with the material from the above-mentioned books, I am offering it here to anyone who is interested in hopes that it will be helpful.

mick goodrick voice leading almanac pdf download

II-V-I Voice-leading Here are some common ways to voice-lead II-V-I progressions. Notice that the V7 chord may be altered in the major key II-V-I. The V7 chord is usually altered in the minor key II-V-I.


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